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Workouts To Burn More Calories For Your PT Clients

Mar 21, 2017 | by AIF

If your personal training clients are looking to maximise their time in the gym, and burn more calories, then boy do we have a workout for you! Well… kind of. In this article we spoke with Australian Institute of Fitness – WA, Master Coach, Josh Pullman, to find out what ‘finisher workouts’ are and how they can help increase the amount of calories burnt in a small amount of time. In addition, Josh has also created FIVE finishers that you can add to the end of your next workout – if you are up for the challenge that is!

What Is A Finisher Workout?

By definition, ‘a ‘finisher workout,’ also known as a ‘metabolic finisher,’ is an intense exercise or series of exercises performed at the end of the workout that’s designed to ensure that you’ve burnt every last drop of gas from the tank.’ These are a great way to ensure that your clients get the training stimulus they need in order to gain the results that are essentially are paying you for as a Personal Trainer.

Who Should Include Finisher Workouts?

A good finisher will help produce great fat loss as it demands a high amount of energy at the end of a workout, where energy levels are typically low. So, if your clients have fat loss goals, then adding finishers would be a great complement to their current training regimes. As finisher workouts are generally cardio based, they can also have a great impact on your clients fitness.

It is important to note, as with all parts of your program, it’s vital to understand the right finisher to give to the right client. Furthermore, as these finishers are renowned for their high level of intensity, it’s important that your client is fully warmed up (they should be, as it’s the last 5-10 minutes of their workout), you’ve been monitoring them closely for unusual signs of fatigue and you’re aware of their limitations including any metabolic risk or injuries. It’s also important that these are done under your direct supervision as a Personal Trainer.

Give One of These Finishers Ago

These finisher workouts have been broken into three categories based on training age, and can be added to the end of your clients workouts.

Finisher Workouts For The Beginner Trainer

# 1 – Keiser Stationary Bike

Using the Keiser stationary bike (or any spinning bike), the goal is to challenge your cadence (pedal speed) by keeping your reps per minute (RPM) above ninety at all times, working for ten seconds at MAX pace, followed by a twenty – thirty second recovery, and then repeating this sequence for ten rounds.

To ensure your client is getting the most out of the finisher, set the resistance at TEN for a ‘hard’ option, or set the resistance at FIVE for an ‘easier’ option.

# 2 – Cross Trainer Finisher


Using the Cross Trainer, set the resistance to FIFTEEN for a ‘hard’ option, or FIVE for an ‘easier’ option. The sequence for this finisher is fifteen seconds working at maximum output, followed by a forty five second active recovery. In the working phase, aim to maintain a speed of 15 kpm. Repeat this for five rounds.

This will get your heart pumping!

Finisher Workouts For An Intermediate Trainer

# 3 – Rowing Machine


Setting the resistance to level eight, you are to complete a 100m maximum effort sprint on the rower, followed by a 50m active recovery for eight rounds.

#4 – Kettlebell Goblet Squat And Supine Row


Choosing a moderate kettlebell weight or dumbbell if you do not have a kettlebell for your client (this will be dependant on your clients ability – we recommend 12-16kgs for an intermediate trainer), set your client up for a goblet squat. A goblet squat is where you hold the kettlebell weight with both hands in front of your chest, and facilitate a squat.

You then need to set up a bar on smith machine/squat rack, so that your body makes a 45 degree angle at the bottom of your rep. Keeping ankles, knees, hips and shoulders in alignment, pull your body weight up until your chest touches the bar.

For this finisher, complete 16 reps of each exercise with NO break between exercises until it’s ALL finished. Then repeat for 14 of each exercise, then 12 of each exercise, then 10 of each exercise… 8, 6, 4, 2.

This will be sure to empty your tank!

Finisher Workout For An Advanced Trainer

# 5 – Treadmill


Set your treadmill at a 1.5 incline, with a speed of 15 – 17 for a ‘hard’ option or, 11-13 for an easier option. For this finisher you will be sprinting for fifteen seconds straight, followed by a fifteen second recovery for eight rounds. TIP: Be careful stepping off the treadmill inbetween each interval.

If you are up for an EXTRA challenge after completing the eight rounds, have a two minute rest, and then complete another eight rounds!



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