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Increasing Class Numbers in Two Simple Steps

Nov 02, 2022 | by Les Mills Asia Pacific

One of the ways that health clubs or fitness facilities assess the success and viability of its classes, is by participation. So, here are two helpful – and simple – steps to help you fill your classes, once you’re a qualified and actively teaching group fitness instructor.

Step 1. Attend other instructors’ classes and ask to team-teach
This one is key! Not only will you get to know your fellow instructors – which opens the door to team-teaching and cross-promotion – but it’s a great way to get to know the members on the floor. It also enables you to see how other Instructors teach at that facility, and get a feel for members’ preferred style of teaching (are they a “woohoo” crowd? Do they love shouting “hey” in BODYATTACK®? And so forth).

“Arrive early so you can talk to members,” suggests BODYPUMP® Instructor Angela Jae Suchy. “Once you’ve established yourself and the members get to know you, they’ll want to come to your class too!”

Attending other Instructors’ classes helps start a conversation around shadowing/team teaching. “After the class is finished, let the Instructor know you’ve just started teaching and would like to hear any advice they have on building a class at your specific location,” says BODYSTEP® Instructor Lizzie Broome. “Ask if it would be okay to teach a class with them. Most likely, they’ll be flattered and will take you under their wing.”

The advantages of team teaching are threefold: members get exposed to your awesomeness; you can promote your own timeslot; plus, the lead Instructor may ask you to cover their class in the future. What’s not to love?

Step 2. Learn names and focus on connection
Les Mills Ambassador Reagan Kang says his ability to connect is the reason people keep coming back to his classes. “I focus on making people feel like they’re the only person in the room. I learn names and I try to talk to everyone in the room, to make them feel connected so that the next hour is just you, me, the music and the workout. I want them to forget everything else that’s going on in their lives so we can just focus on what we’re doing. Then, when they leave the class, they feel a lot better about themselves.”

Lizzie Broome agrees: “Talk to your members before class and get their name. At the end, try to address them by their name and ask them how the class went. The chance of them returning is greater when you connect with people on a first name basis. If you see them in the gym, say ‘hi’ to them and ask them if you’ll see them in class that week.”

For more ideas to increase participation in your classes click here. Not an instructor yet? Click here to learn about becoming a Les Mills instructor.

Les Mills Asia Pacific

Les Mills Asia Pacific

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