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Love fitness and massage? Make them your career

Jun 26, 2014 | by AIF

If the idea of working in an office from 9-5 is your worst nightmare, but you’re not sure what else you could do, how about a career in fitness and massage? This is a wonderful pathway for those with heaps of energy who love being around people, as these traits can be put to good use in helping others lead a healthy lifestyle.

The Australian Institute of Fitness has the ultimate program which combines personal training with massage therapy, to offer clients a balanced approached to health and fitness. AIF recognises the need to not only improve the body, but also the mind because with our hectic pace of life, relaxation and recovery is as important as keeping physically fit and nutritionally healthy.

As a personal trainer you will help hundreds of clients achieve their personal health and fitness goals through training, goal setting, nutrition and maintaining their motivation. You can choose to train clients outdoors or indoors, in a fitness centre, in a swimming pool, on a cruise ship, at an island resort, or in your own personal training studio. The opportunities are endless.

As a massage therapist you will be able to help your clients get back on track from conditions such as stress, injury, muscle soreness, poor posture, heavy fitness training and poor sleep. To help your clients de-stress and time take out from their busy lives is a wonderful gift to offer and to see the positive impact on your clients is a great reward.

Combining personal training and massage therapy means you’ll get the edge over other professionals focussing on only fitness or massage and you’ll have clients for life. In turn, your rewards will be many: not only the sense of achievement of helping so many clients reach their goals, you will have the opportunity to earn an excellent income and work the hours you want.

Lois McMahon, a student at the Australian Institute of Fitness said, The knowledge and skills I gained from both certificates enables me to provide a much better service to my clients. I now have personal training and massage clients, all of whom have similar goals; they want to enjoy improved health and fitness, and a better quality of life.

And where ever you decide to train your clients the Australian Institute of Fitness has dedicated Career Scouts who actively work with employers looking for a certified professional like you. They also have a strategic partnership with, which is Australia’s leading job website dedicated to the fitness industry.Establishments such as Fitness First and Vision Personal Training are continuously looking for new employees, and they seek Institute graduates, knowing they have the skills and enthusiasm required. The unique approach by AIF is so successful that the majority of graduates are employed within days of finishing their course.

There’s no better time to be in the fitness industry than now the fitness industry is growing and needs more qualified professionals, so call the Australian Institute of Fitness today on 1300 669 669 or find out here how you can get started in your new career.



At the Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF), we are no stranger to the competitive and evolving nature of the fitness industry. That’s why we remain the #1 fitness educator since 1979. We continuously raise the bar by providing the best education and resources through dynamic and hybrid training methods that mould to your lifestyle. We are strong believers in evidence over fads, so you can be assured your training with AIF will solidify your career for the long-term.

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