Marketing Your Personal Training Business

Jun 26, 2014 | by AIF

Every personal trainer needs a good marketing strategy to sell and grow their business. Marketing personal training doesn’t have to be a huge financial investment though

Think of marketing and you probably think of newspapers, magazines, billboards and TV, but there are a lot of cheaper ways you can advertise, and all you need to invest is time.

Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogging sites are the first things to do. If you already have any of these sites, you may want to consider creating separate accounts or pages for your business pictures or videos of you getting drunk at the weekend won’t inspire your clients or give you a good reputation. Once you have your accounts up and running, make sure you make regular updates on your training, any group sessions, special offers and also any fitness or health news that comes out. YouTube should be used to post a video of you advertising your business, rather than videos of you training people which could be quite dull to watch.

Another great way to advertise is to leave cards and posters in local businesses. Instead of paying them to do this, offer them a free PT session or hand out cards for their business in return (or you could even just give them a few mentions on Facebook or Twitter).

Becoming a local expert in your community is important so potential clients will have a reason to choose you over another trainer. Decide what area you want to specialise in, such as weight loss, and then stick to it. You can then even tell your local newspapers that you’re the expert in your area and to come for you if they ever need quotes, or offer to write a weekly column or articles. You could host a local charity event, or hold a competition for free sessions anything that’s newsworthy will get you coverage, and coverage = clients.

What are you waiting for? Haven’t you got some marketing to do?

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