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Group Exercise Instructor Career Tips From The Experts

Feb 26, 2015 | by AIF

It took just one chance encounter at the local gym to propel Melissa Freeman into an unplanned but hugely rewarding fitness career.

My Fitness Career Found Me

I was already an active participant at my local gym when the Group Fitness Coordinator approached me about training for a BODYBALANCE program. So looking back, an industry expert chose me and I’m incredibly grateful for that opportunity.

Education was Key

I attained a Certificate III in Fitness specialising in Group Exercise with the Australian Institute of Fitness, as well as Les Mills certifications and Cota SA Strength for Life. I now teach Group Fitness and instruct five to eight classes a week.

My New Day Job

When I’m instructing at the gym I arrive early to prepare for classes. I do a room and equipment check, followed by the setup. Then, most importantly, I set the tone for classes by being warm and welcoming to all members. When the class is complete, I clean up all the equipment and report on class numbers.

Connecting with Clients

I try to relate to my clients’ personal goals while training – it’s all about simple, effective communication. I also use different methods to track individual clients’ progress, such as commenting on changes in their body compositions or their ability to take on greater challenges.

Work/Life Balance

With two young children, I’m fortunate to have the support of my husband and extended family. Also, the gym provides a crèche during morning classes and this single fact alone has been critical in aiding me with my instructing.

It All Pays Off

It’s incredibly rewarding to see the progress of my clients, both emotionally and physically. Learning more about fitness and health also improves the quality of life for my family and friends. Plus I get paid to get fit!

What Does it Take?

My advice to anyone considering a career as a Group Fitness Coach is to find the right training course for your age, personality and fitness ability – and then work really hard!



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