The Must-Try Partner Workout Program List

Aug 13, 2015 | by AIF

Are you looking for a new workout to do with your gym buddy?

Muscle soreness (aka DOMS) is a pain best shared, so grab a buddy and try our full body partner workout next time you hit the gym!

This workout focuses on conditioning the whole body with the twist of a workout buddy. Before you start your workout make sure you have the right equipment and the right weights so you can transition between each exercise efficiently. If you have not seen a particular exercise or struggling to master the correct technique, we recommend that you seek advice from your personal trainer and even get them to take you through each exercise until you are confident.

We recommend you complete three rounds with eight reps each, with as little rest as possible between exercises. Keen to try it out? Make sure you tag us in you fit-ventures using #ausinstfitness on Instagram!

1. High-Five Burpee  

From a standing position, sit your hips back into a squat, while bracing your core before you place your hands in line with your shoulders our wide. Jump or step your feet back into a plank position and lower your chest down to the ground as you would in a normal pushup. Once back in a plank position, jump your feet close your your hands and jump up HI-FIVing your partner

2. Partner Single Leg Squat

Using your buddy to help with balance, leverage off each others body weight by holding each other’s arms and drop down into a single leg pistol squat. As you rise up, drive through your heel and squeeze your glutes to recruit as many muscles as possible.

3. Plank Claps

From a plank position, on your knees or on your toes, brace your abs and keep your hips square as you hi-five your partner’s hand.

4. Travelling Lunges with a Medicine Ball

This exercise is a great exercise for those wanting to improve balance and coordination. While performing forward stepping lunges, using a medicine ball pass to your partner in between legs and rotate through your whole upper body to engage your obliques.

5. Wheelbarrow Push Ups

Regular push ups too easy? Try this modification; get your partner to pick up your legs like a wheel barrow, perform a pushup with a BIG focus on a strong core to protect your lower back, walk your hand forward two steps, then repeat!

6. Medicine Ball Sit Ups

Linking your feet with the the ankles of your partner, use each others body weight to help leverage the added weight of a medicine ball as you crunch up. You want to keep you core engaged the whole time, including when you are not holding the medicine ball and also on the downward phase.

You want to ensure that you are warmed up and ready to go before the session and not jumping in cold. Similarly, after the workout make sure you and your training buddy cool down and stretch stretch STRETCH so you are not too sore the next day!



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