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Setting Goals to Prepare for your Personal Training Course

Jun 26, 2014 | by AIF

Congratulations for having the courage to chase your dreams! Now that you have taken the first step to a new and exciting career as a Personal Trainer, it is important to set some clear goals for yourself.

Goal setting marks your first point to success! Goals fuel the emotion we need to succeed, without them we are just meandering down life’s path with no real clarity or focus. Yet we all motivate ourselves differently, so here are a few suggestions for how you can reinforce your goal.

1. Visualisation

Every morning set aside 10 minutes of your morning routine to perform this exercise. Sit cross legged in a dim, comfortable room and begin by breathing deeply. When you find that your breathing rate has slowed and you are fully expanding your lungs, let your mind wander to where you see yourself at the end of your Master Trainer program. Maybe you’ll be working in a gym, on a cruise ship or with your own clients in a park. Feel the atmosphere around you and the happiness this place will bring you. Concentrate on this for a few minutes you can’t help but smile!

2. Practice

Set aside some time each week to practice being a superb Master Trainer put on a uniform and grab a friend or loved one and train them! Use the knowledge you will gain from your KickStart program and teach others. Think about your communication skills and how you present to others; this will give you valuable insight in being a Personal Trainer and also help you to stylise what sort of Personal Trainer you will be.

3. Vision Board

Grab some magazines and a nice bright piece of card cut out pictures of people doing what you want to do and feeling how you want to feel. Find pictures of people training others, talking to others or even exercising themselves and stick them on your card with a catchy, goal focused title. Hang this board somewhere where you will pass it several times a day. The law of attraction will bring these goals to the front of your mind and help to reinforce them often!

4. Make Your Goals a Reality

From day one of your Personal Training course you are a fitness professional so you need to be an act as a fitness professional. It is not to early to start marketing yourself as this as well, in fact don’t wait until the end of your course, get a head of the game now. Absorb as much information as you can while you are surrounded by like minded people and your coaches who hold a wealth of knowledge.

5. Keep Yourself Accountable

When setting goals you need to keep yourself accountable to these. Perhaps share your goals with family or a fellow student and set yourself a time frame and stick to it.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals! If you haven’t yet made that first step to your personal training dream, then enquire now!



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