The Benefits of Social Media for Personal Trainers

Jun 26, 2014 | by AIF

Social media is a perfect platform for Personal Trainers to promote their businesses, as well as to engage and inspire their current clients. It is an invaluable tool, so follow these tips on how to make it work for you:

1. Get personal

Social media is essentially your digital business card, so don’t be afraid to share personal pictures and stories that define you as a Personal Trainer. Show your passion for health and fitness by posting your own daily workouts or meals to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Take pictures of interesting things you find related to fitness, or you might just want to inspire others with tips. This is a great way to showcase the healthy lifestyle you practice you are your own best case study after all!

2. Share pictures of your client’s results

Your clients are your testimonials, so make sure you take pictures and share results once you have their permission. This not only makes your client feel special, but it will motivate others and show that you’re a great Personal Trainer. You could even share a client’s back-story as to why they want to get fit or lose weight, using before and after pictures as support. Sharing the stories of your clients with others creates a community of like-minded people.

3. Be the expert

Inspire and engage your existing clients by sharing motivational quotes and informative articles, such as those posted on the Australian Institute of Fitness Facebook page. Through sharing valuable, newsworthy information that fitness fans are passionate about, your profile will become a source of inspiration as well as expertise.

4. Don’t forget to hashtag

Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, be sure to use hashtags to get noticed by a wider audience. When sharing motivational pictures or quotes, use hashtags like #fitspiration and #fitness. Other popular ones are #PersonalTrainer and #CleanEating. You can also tag your location so people can find you in the local area.

5. Advertise

There is a real opportunity to convert your followers to clients on social media. Post the times and locations of your group sessions to attract newcomers. Why not offer a free training session or bring a friend for free’ deal on your profile to reward your followers and get new clients? You can also share pictures of your clients in action and capture just how fun and motivating your sessions are to inspire others to come along.

To keep up-to-date with everything in fitness, and to find things to share with your clients, visit the Australian Institute of Fitness on Facebook, or join the fitness conversation on Twitter or Instagram by tagging @ausinstfitness



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