Three Steps to become a Massage Therapist

Jun 26, 2014 | by AIF

If you’re thinking about a career change, there are numerous different careers you could choose. But, have you ever considered becoming a massage therapist? Do you have a desire to help others? Does the thought of placing your hands on another with the intent of facilitating healing and stress relief appeal to you? Are flexible hours, rewarding compensation, and a positive job outlook, top priorities for your career choice? If you are like so many that answered yes to these questions, a career in massage therapy may be for you.

An increasing demand for massage therapists

Over the last 10 years, the need for skilled massage therapists, as well as interest in becoming a massage therapist, has increased. Whereas before this time, massage was mostly a second career choice or side gig for stay at home Mums, massage therapy careers are now appealing to the masses. More and more people have discovered the true health benefits associated with massage therapy, and are now utilising it as part of their overall health and fitness regime. Whether it’s to help them recover quicker from workout sessions or whether it’s a great way to unwind and relax, massage is a great option for people of all ages and walks of life. Massage therapy is a perfect blend of art and science, and it seems that individuals from such diverse life experiences are drawn to it. Many people want to experience the benefits of massage therapy and therefore, more massage therapists are needed.

How to become a massage therapist

So if you are interested, what do you need to do? There are three basic steps to becoming a professional massage therapist which you will need to undertake in order to find work and start a successful career. There is plenty to learn about being a massage therapist, so always be sure to do your research about the industry, as well as speak to other successful massage therapists. In other words, make sure you have decided this is something you want to do before you get started. It can be easy to think that it is as simple as providing massages, but having a solid understanding of muscles, pain relief and the right techniques is a must.

If you’ve done your research and you’ve decided that massage therapy is for you, follow these three steps to be on your way to becoming a massage therapist:

Arrange an appointment with a Career Guru

One of the first steps to your new career is understanding what is needed in order to work and qualify as a massage therapist. There are some qualifications you will need to pass, and by calling us and arranging an appointment, you will be well on your way to knowing where to go from here.

Do your research

Our Careers Gurus have all the information you need to launch into the career of your dreams. They can provide you with the details of the courses on offer, what you need to work as a massage therapist and how the courses are run, as well as when and how to be eligible for your certification. During your appointment, they will cover everything you need to know, so that you’re fully informed and know what is required of you.

Enrol into our next available course and get qualified

When you have all of the details for the course you need to get qualified, it’s as simple as enrolling, getting started on your studies and working towards the completion of your certification. With highly skilled and experienced staff available, you’ll never feel alone or lost. Our trainers have been through the same courses as you, so will know exactly what you’re going through. You will have a great team behind you to help you get qualified, as well as fellow students to work alongside to gain your qualifications. This is also a great time to get to know other people already working in the industry and expand your current network. When you’re finally qualified, you will already have some key contacts in the health and fitness industry who may help you get your first job as a massage therapist.

Taking steps to a rewarding career

That’s it! It really isn’t as hard as it seems to start your dream career in massage therapy. Gaining a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy need not be a hard task. With the right support, knowledge and understanding of what you need in order to be qualified, you can become a massage therapist in no time. Being able to help others through the simple art and science of massage therapy can be a truly fulfilling career and may even help you to feel good about your job. It is never too late to change careers, so if you always wanted to be a massage therapist, contact us today to find out how and when you can get started.



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