Tips to Attract New Personal Training Clients

Jun 26, 2014 | by AIF

Whether you are a well established personal trainer or newly graduated from the Australian Institute of Fitness, and entering the industry, we know you would all LOVE to be able to get new clients, says Darren Fidge, Training Team Captain at Australian Institute of Fitness SA.

So how do we do it? Here’s a nice little equation: Market + Needs Fears = NEW CLIENTS! Want to learn more? Let us explain;

Tip 1: Know what you’re selling

We all sell better health or image/performance-related training experiences; like weight loss or strength training. This is great but it’s not really targeting what your client really wants. So ask yourself; are you targeting what feeling your client is really wanting to gain? Is it self confidence? Strength? True happiness with their appearance?

Maybe take a moment to remember back to why you started working out or wanting to work with a Personal Trainer. Was is just to lose weight or tone up, or was there more to it than that? So what’s the key here? LISTEN to your clients and know what questions to ask them. You need to find their WHY, WHY do they want to lose weight or get stronger. By understanding their ‘why,’ you will have their motivational cue sorted.

Once you have identified what it is you’re selling and the emotion behind it, clients will truly believe in you as a Personal Trainer and that you really do know how to help them achieve their goals, without having to do the hard sell.

Tip 2: Know the behavioral styles of your target market

The DISC profile system we teach at the Australian Institute of Fitness shows that there are four different personality types, and the motivations and actions of each. This is a great tool to use for communicating, and in this instance, marketing and selling.

A high D’ behavioral style will want results, so show them your before and after shots, or testimonials in fact anything that proves that you get the job done! Asking a high I’ behavioral style to spread the word for a reward or bringing a friend may be perfect way to get them motivated to train. Whereas, an S style’ may refer a simple step-by-step program that you can take them though that isn’t so intimidating. And you guessed it statistics! This is where your bring out the numbers and research, and high C’ behavioral styles will love it!

Tip 3: Know where your clients are

If your target market is mums and bubs’, will you find them in busy city cafes or at your local Wiggley Worms’ or Play n Fun’? There is no point flyering a suburb that is not where your target market would live, you need to understand your target market and know what their goals are to be able to market effectively.

Once you have identified where your clients will be, you can then start to tailor your marketing to suit your target market.

To learn more about client or lead acquisition, why not study our Fitness Business Essentials Program!



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