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Top 10 reasons to add boxing classes to your fitness plan

Jun 26, 2014 | by AIF

Boxing has been around on the gym circuit for sometime now, but it still never ceases to impress me how great people feel after doing this workout on a regular basis. Arms and legs are stronger and more defined, shoulders look sleeker and the body is lean and muscular. Now with the introduction of Muai Thai and other boxing style programs, we have devised the top 10 reason you should be adding boxing classes to your fitness plan.

#1 You Will Gain confidence

Perhaps not straight away when you arrive to your first boxing class and you feel like the most uncoordinated person there (don’t worry this happens to all of us), but as you continue to go, your confidence will kick in. And soon enough you will be feeling fitter, stronger, and you will be the one helping the new person in the class.

#2 You Will Learn self-defence techniques

Depending on where you go, some boxfit classes actually teach you specific self defence moves and techniques to ward off an attacker, should you ever find yourself in that unfortunate situation. In saying this, the general boxing skills, e.g. how to protect yourself, you to throw a hook etc, are great skills to have as well.

#3 Let your competitive side run free

Although boxing is not a team sport, it is a great way for you and a friend to train together, and add a competitive edge. By training with a buddy, or in a group fitness environment, you will feel a sense of community and motivation that will keep you punching hard throughout your whole workout.

#4 Meet people and enjoy the atmosphere of high energy exercise

Like most group fitness facilities, their members keep coming back, so the more classes you attend, the more you will get to know your training crew. This is always good as it helps to keep you accountable to attend each session if you tell someone you are going to go.

#5 You Can Lose weight fast

Burning up to 800 calories in one boxing session is no easy workout, but if weight loss if your goal, boxing is a great type of exercise to add to your regime. It helps to mix up your training, keeping you engaged, plus with a high cardio focus, the weight can drop off quickly when teamed with the right nutrition.

#6 Gain toned arms, legs and body

Oh yes, a result of the endless amount of punches and kicks, you will start to see strong and leaner arms and legs. No complaints here!

#7 Get more energy from increased fitness levels

Yes believe it or not, doing exercise will actually give you more energy. Despite feeling exhausted after a workout, getting your blood pumping and getting a fresh supply of oxygen into your body will help you get through each day.

#8 Improve mental focus and clarity

As your punches and kicks become more accurate, your mental focus will become sharper, and as will your general coordination. Boxing aids coordination as you are challenging your brain with every new combination your training gives you.

#9 Emotional benefits

Had a rough day in the office? Boxing is a great way to channel negative emotions like anger and sadness in a positive way. Smash your boxing bag and reap positive benefits while reducing stress and anxiety.

#10 Get increased flexibility and quicker reflexes

As long as you ensure stretching is apart of your post workout regime, and warming up and cooling down efficiently, your body will get strong and be more flexible as a result.



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