Guide To Online Personal Training

Oct 01, 2015 | by AIF

Online personal training is becoming an increasingly popular way to earn some extra coin as a personal trainer and some PT’s are even choosing to offer online services exclusively. We delve into the nitty-gritty of everything you need to know about Online Personal Training so you can decide if this kind of offering is right for you and your business.

What Is It?

Online personal training means offering PT services online, allowing you to reach not only those in your local community but all around the world! Traditionally, personal trainers spend most of their time in a gym environment, training clients one on one and the rest of their time writing programs and adjusting them to meet their client’s needs. Being an online personal trainer allows you to provide your clients with programs, guidelines, videos and many other resources while leaving them in the driver’s seat to succeed. Normally a personal trainer may look after between ten to thirty clients in a week where online personal training can allow you to look after over one hundred clients every week! Your time shifts from leading clients through your session to providing them with a plan to follow and working with them based on their feedback and their progress.

Why Should I Consider It?

Personal training can be a luxury for some clients which means that not everyone can afford it. Instead of charging the industry rates for your online clients, you can instead charge them a nominal monthly fee. Now those who may have trouble affording $150+ a week for personal training could much more easily afford that over the course of a month. After all, many of us pay that just for our phone plans alone!

Some training program styles can call for anywhere between thirty-minute workouts to ninety-minute workouts. Online personal training takes advantage of this because you are no longer constrained by the typical thirty or sixty-minute sessions. This can better allow you to meet your client’s goals and leave them happier with your service and glad to come back.

How to go about it?

Create a website and social media profiles to leverage it and create a community amongst your online clients. If you are going to be an online PT then you are going to need a web presence; after all, this is today’s version of a business card. Keep it simple with what you offer and the services you provide but make it easy for clients to contact you by phone and email. Testimonials from clients always go a long way.

Film all of the exercises you will include. They may only be quite short but this way you can inform the clients of all the key aspects they need to know and perform. At any point your clients can check your video links for information they are unclear on or they have forgotten so they are not performing techniques incorrectly.

Software is everything! Gone are the days of balancing tables and programs within Excel. Being online means having access to everything at your fingertips There are many apps and websites out there but it is about choosing what best suits you, looks the most professional and allows you to deliver the best online personal training service to your clients.

Work smarter, not harder. Good luck!

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