List Of Career Opportunities For PT

Feb 26, 2015 | by AIF

Being a Personal Trainer gives you a large variety of employment options for you to choose, so you can find the model that suits you and your needs in the best way. Every Personal Training model have their pros and cons that you will need to take into consideration. Here are a list of the most common models that gyms and studios use to remunerate their trainers:

Employed in a Health Club or Studio

As an employee of a fitness facility there are many pros, these include:

  • Secure income
  • No business related stress
  • Set hours
  • Tax paid for you on your behalf
  • You are part of a team
  • No set up costs

If you are thinking of accepting an employment position, in comparison to other PT models you are limiting your income to what your hourly rate is set at.

Outdoor Trainer

As an Outdoor Trainer, you have the perks of working in the fresh outdoors, with opportunities to be your own boss. As your own boss you can charge what you like and as an outdoor trainer you have low overheads.

Things to consider if you are considering to start an outdoor bootcamp or train your one on one clients in your local park, is that YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS!! This takes a lot of responsibility if you plan on being successful, this includes; establishing your own business systems, marketing and lead generation strategies and also being prepared for bad weather!

Contractor in a PT Studio or Health Club

Starting your own PT business within an established fitness facility has many pros. There is a large pool of potential clients by means of members, you have the support of a club or fitness manager whilst also having the autonomy of being your own boss. As your own boss you can boss you can choose your own hours and you have unlimited earning potential!

As a contractor within a studio or health club there are usually initial setup or franchise fees, and you are required to pay rent weekly or fortnightly.

Setting up Your Own PT Studio or Health Club

If you have the capital to set up your own PT Studio or health club you have the opportunity to be your own boss, have unlimited earning potential and can run your business the way you want to.

As a business owner there is a lot of work required including establishing business systems, creating marketing plans so you have clients and there can be substantial setup and maintenance costs!

Deciding on the Clients You Choose to Train Can Help

If you have a desire to help people with their weight loss goals and you work at a gym where you are only training bodybuilders then you won’t be happy. Or if you want to train postnatal women and find yourself training a young rugby team then you won’t be 100% committed to their cause, which will affect their results and your happiness in your career. Conversely if you are able to train your desired clientele then you will have more enjoyment and your clients will get better results.

You need to decide which are the most important pros and cons to you, and then only you be able to decide which direction you will want to follow.



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