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Why Attend Filex To Further Professional Development

Apr 19, 2017 | by Jessica Bryant

Not long to go now until this year’s FILEX and Fitness Show kicks off! For those who have never been to FILEX before, or don’t know what it is; ‘FILEX is known widely as the pinnacle live event for the Australian fitness industry. It is a three-day educational conference where more than 2000 people who work in fitness come together to learn from the world’s leading health and fitness experts.’ So, in a nutshell, it is THE event in the fitness industry that you need to attend, and here’s why;

Networking Opportunities

When attending FILEX, while you will be spending a lot of your time immersed in all things ‘fitness industry,’ you need to ensure you make time to network!

Why is networking important?

Meeting people within the fitness industry will help establish professional relationships which are handy when you are in need of mentoring or advice. It can also open doors and lead to further career opportunities!

FILEX attracts the best of the best in the fitness industry, from Pro bodybuilders, owners and directors of prestigious fitness business’ and international fitness influencers, by attending FILEX you will be exposed to a wealth of knowledge and potential opportunities.

Ways to network at FILEX can include:

  •  Attend the delegate drinks
  •  Introducing yourself to each presenter after you have been to their presentations
  •  Take a walk around the Fitness Show and introduce yourself to those working on the stands.

TIP: While catching up with friends and colleagues at FILEX is a lot of fun, try and step out of your comfort zone and meet NEW people!

Professional Development

In an industry that is continuously evolving, staying up to date with the most recent research and fitness trends is crucial in order to maintain a successful career. That is where professional development comes into the game.

Each year, months before FILEX, the schedule of all seminars that you can book into gets released. These seminars literally cover EVERYTHING in the fitness industry. From practical sessions, fitness business sessions, social media training, nutrition seminars – you name it, there is most probably a speaker presenting on it!

TIP: The key with FILEX is to get in quick with your bookings, as the well-known presenters book out super fast!

Get Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s)

As members of Fitness Australia, we all know that we are required to gain 20 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) every two years (twenty-four months), to maintain registration. By attending FILEX you get 12 CECs – ticking off over HALF of your required bi-annual credits in one three day event!

Through FILEX’ hundreds of sessions packed with innovative thinking, this event serves as the spark to reignite your passion for this remarkable industry, so you in turn can ignite it in others and fan the flames of success for your business. When thousands of fitness professionals unite to fuel themselves with the latest concepts, practical inspiration and networking opportunities, the passion is palpable.

See you there!

Jessica Bryant

Jessica Bryant

Jessica Bryant is the National Communications Manager at the Australian Institute of Fitness.


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