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Would You Be a Good Group Fitness Instructor? [QUIZ!]

May 06, 2021 | by Par Boonma

Were you born to be a group fitness instructor? Take the quiz, and find out…

Exercising in a social, group setting has a number of benefits – and so does instructing such fitness experiences. So, asks the AIF’s Par Boonma, what are the traits of a good group fitness instructor – and do you have what it takes to become one?

What is ‘group fitness’? In essence, group fitness involves bringing people together to participate in a shared exercise experience. In the aftermath of the pandemic shutdowns and social isolation, group fitness is experiencing increased popularity as we look for social ways to stay fit and healthy.

In addition to being more sociable, group fitness can also be more motivating and make us more accountable. Think about the last time you struggled to peel yourself off the couch to do a training session alone. Would it have helped if you knew 10 other people were going to show up to the workout? Yep, we’ve all been there!

A motivating group exercise environment can provide the perfect blend of exercise challenges, communal support, fun and accountability, for both beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts. Examples of popular group fitness workouts include many programs from Les Mills, including BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK and BODYCOMBAT, as well as CrossFit, F45, OrangeTheory and Zumba. There are also countless other bespoke programs, created by group fitness instructors, that are unique to the clubs in which they instruct.

Taking your love for group fitness to the next level 

Now, you are likely reading this article because you already have some interest in group fitness and are considering becoming an instructor – how exciting! Being a group fitness instructor takes your love for group fitness to the next level by giving you the opportunity to create valuable fitness experiences for others. Making the leap from the studio floor to the stage can be daunting, but the best instructors are those who know what it feels like to start out in a program with zero experience (and perhaps zero coordination!) only to fall in love with the workout over time.

As a group fitness instructor you can enjoy:

  • being an inspiration to others, improving their fitness and helping them on their journey to better health
  • meeting other like-minded group fitness instructors who can be an excellent source of inspiration, support and community
  • an entry pathway to other careers and opportunities within the fitness industry
  • potentially getting a free gym membership from the facility that you instruct at!
  • getting paid to do a workout that you love and would probably have done anyway!

Your contribution to the health and fitness of others can be exponential in a group setting – and it all starts with you. Take the quiz below to see if being a group fitness instructor could be the right choice for you…


Read the statements below and choose the responses you most agree with.

1. You usually have more than enough energy to get you through the day.

A) Yes, people sometimes ask me to tone it down…

B) Possibly with coffee.

C) No, when can I go back to sleep?

2. You know about all the latest and greatest music.

A) Yes, I’m a resident DJ at every party!

B) No, but I can recognise a good tune.

C) Don’t ask me, I hate anything you can dance to.

3. People come to you for motivation and advice.

A) Yes, I have a bank of Pinterest quotes that I share with people all the time.

B) Sometimes, I’m a good listener!

C) No, I can hardly motivate myself!

4. You enjoy being busy and around other people.

A) I love a to-do list and going out and about. Keeps me active!

B) Sometimes, depending on how I feel…

C) Not really, any free time is me time!

5. You love presenting or performing on stage.

A) Let me up there and hand me a mic, pronto.

B) Give me a week to prepare and I’ll be good to go!

C) Thanks, but no thanks.

6. You’re good with remembering people’s names.

A) Yes, I’ve got a photographic memory… but for names.

B) Sometimes, it depends on the person… or my brain.

C) No, I will forget your name in 3..2..1..

7. You enjoy exercising with others.

A) Yes, that’s why I’m reading this article!

B) Sometimes, it depends on what I’m doing or how I’m feeling.

C) Not at all, it’s headphones ON and world OFF for me!

8. You don’t take things too seriously and know how to have fun.

A) Yep, that’s me summed up!

B) Sure, although sometimes I get stuck in my own head and bum myself out!

C) No, I’m a mad perfectionist and struggle to let loose.


Mostly A’s: Group exercise is your calling! You live and breathe group classes, and are always the most energetic person in the room. You’re probably quite charismatic and people are drawn to you for inspiration and motivation. Your endless energy gets you up at early hours of the day or keeps you awake late into the night. You love a good spotlight and being around others. Time for you to get on stage!

Mostly B’s: You have major group exercise potential. You certainly have the foundation and what it takes to create valuable fitness experiences for others. You love being fit and active, but it doesn’t always come naturally to you. You like being around other people but also enjoy time on your own. Perhaps you are a dedicated ‘front row-er’ in a group fitness class too! With a little bit of training, guidance and support you could absolutely become a group fitness instructor extraordinaire.

Mostly C’s: Maybe the group fitness stage isn’t your happy place… But the gym floor could be! If you’ve made it this far you clearly have a passion for fitness, but maybe leading a group to energetic music just isn’t your cup of tea. Have you considered becoming a personal trainer and training clients 1:1?

Could you be the next evolution?

Group fitness is not new to the fitness industry, but it stays at the cutting edge by continually evolving to incorporate the latest fitness research and know-how. Becoming a group fitness instructor gives you the opportunity to play a role in the important mission of preventing sedentary lifestyles, while also enjoying rewarding experiences and career benefits.

Ready to become a group fitness instructor? Check out our Fitness Coach course, giving you the right qualifications to succeed.

Par Boonma

Par Boonma

Training Team Coordinator
Par is AIF's Operations Coordinator. She manages the development of courses on AIF Network, optimises systems and processes within AIF and supports the Training Team in content development for AIF's courses.

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