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No, it’s not just you, working out really does makes you fart

Oct 13, 2021  |  Published by Body & Soul

We speak to the experts about this less-than-enjoyable phenomenon.

Have you ever been doing some downward dog in the yoga studio and let one rip? Or midway through your run, blown some wind along the way? Perhaps it is while you were doing some crunches that you tooted your own horn?

Well, it’s okay, don’t be embarrassed because it is true, exercise make you fart, or it at least encourages the flatulence to find its way out (whether you like it or not).

While true, it may not be ideal because a) if it is you doing it, embarrassing and b) if it’s not you, well no one likes other people’s farts (apart from Burp from children’s book, Nobody Likes a Fart but this is not a book review).

So why exactly do we pop off while getting our exercise on? Body + Soul asked Kate Kraschnefski, Head of Compliance & Training at the Australian Institute of Fitness to explain.

While not everyone booty bombs while exercising (or regularly at least), this very personal weapon can be detonated for a variety of reasons she explains.

1. Physics

If we fart during physical activity it is generally because we are moving more – it’s a physics thing!

Body & Soul

Body & Soul

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