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The other benefits of martial arts and Masters athletics, with Luke Del Vecchio

Jul 15, 2019  |  Published by Oliver Kitchingman

Sports scientist and martial arts instructor, Luke Del Vecchio, discusses the increasing participation in organised sport by the over 35’s; backing up the ancient wisdom of martial arts with scientific evidence; injury prevention and recovery; and why older athletes have higher protein requirements, with The Fitness Industry Podcast’s Bel Fong.

Listen here.

Oliver Kitchingman

Oliver Kitchingman

The Australian Institute of Fitness

Oli is Content Manager for Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF). He spent a number of years collating, curating and creating content as the editor of Australian Fitness Network’s Network magazine, and has worked across a number of other fitness titles and events. When he’s not slicing and dicing words or shooting the breeze with fitness figures on the Fitness Industry Podcast, he can be found pounding Sydney’s pavements on a quest for the elusive runner’s high.

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