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AIF announces new industry partnership with goXpro

Aug 27, 2020 | by Jessica Bryant

Integration of PT-specific payment, training and client management software into the Australian Institute of Fitness’ Master Trainer Program™ will enhance practical skills for students.

Australia’s largest and longest-standing fitness training organisation, the Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF), has partnered with prominent fitness software service provider goXpro.

Providing a complete coaching and personal training management solution in one mobile software, goXpro is designed to function as a one-stop-shop for personal trainers who need an integrated platform to help them manage their businesses and train their clients. As the training organisation that produces the largest number of qualified personal trainers and fitness professionals across Australia every year, partnering with goXpro was a logical move for the AIF.

A key component of the partnership will see the integration of goXpro software into the AIF’s esteemed Master Trainer Program™. In addition to increasing the value of the qualification, the integration of goXpro into the program will enhance the course experience for students by providing them with more practical and interactive learning tools.

By using features such as client bookings, payment management and program building during their studies, students will gain the day-to-day skills required for operating their own businesses, making them more ‘industry ready’. As an added bonus, using goXpro also greatly reduces the requirement for paper-based training programs.

Announcing the new partnership, Kim Horner, Head of Operations at AIF, said “We are very pleased to welcome goXpro on board as a partner. We train and qualify thousands of personal trainers for the fitness industry every year, but our relationship with graduates doesn’t end upon their course completion. We are determined to provide access not only to the best education in the industry, but also to the practical tools they need to manage their businesses successfully in the long term. Having know-how in the best PT-specific software is critical to this, and by integrating goXpro into the AIF’s Master Trainer Program we are meeting this need and providing students with the skills to run their businesses from day one.”

goXpro provides fitness professionals with a clear point of difference through a number of components. From a business standpoint, the software allows users to buy memberships or session packs, access group workout timetables and book sessions, while enabling the trainer to seamlessly manage payments and bookings and analyse statistics. On the training side of things, the software provides the means for trainers to build individualised programs for clients, create group training workouts and track and assess clients’ body composition changes, posture and biomechanics.

Jason Thomas, General Manager at goXpro, said “The need for software that enables fitness professionals to operate in-club and remotely has never been more apparent. At goXpro our goal is to provide our clients with a complete coaching and fitness business solution, in one mobile platform. The AIF’s forward-thinking culture and genuine desire to help their students thrive has led them to identify technology as a key pillar in personal training success. Consequently, we are incredibly excited to partner with the AIF to help them provide students with practical experience in real-world personal training technology.”

AIF students will benefit from complimentary goXpro subscriptions during their studies and can utilise a 10% off discount code for their ongoing subscription post-graduation. 

Jessica Bryant

Jessica Bryant

Communications & Marketing Manager

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