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The Fitness Zone

The one-stop women's guide to health, exercise and well being
May 11, 2011

The fitness industry is becoming less and less male dominant, with more females feeling confident about training in a gym and even venturing into the weights section. However, with social media, and other social expectations, women continue to put a lot of pressure on themselves when it comes to body image, fitness and health. So for those women looking for guidance on how to make the first move into exercise and living a healthy and active lifestyle, this article if for you.

The frantic pace that life entails these days as a result of juggling business or work, with family commitments can leave many women a little frazzled and worn out, putting exercise at the bottom of the priorities, and an increase in cravings for those sweet treats for added energy. Being an busy women, and perhaps a mother involves sacrificing of your time and energy and quite often at the expense of your own health. Reality check, by neglecting your own health will be even more detrimental, and will leave you feeling further fatigued. It is a vicious cycle,

While human beings are not machines, like machines, we both need regular maintenance and good treatment.No-one wants to get to the point of needing to replace worn out parts, and while you are in a position to prevent this, it is even more important to start putting yourself FIRST.

You've probably heard this before but make a point of setting aside some time for yourself each day to exercise, time to prepare or buy health and nourishing food, and time to just chill-out, even if it is just for 10 minutes. Being health requires your body to move, but it also requires a health head, when stress is high go to a favourite place outside or in, sit down, take a break and just breath.

Understandability, time is not always on your side, so here are few short and things you can  do for yourself each day.


When you are at home, or even at the park with the kids, why not stretch it out. Stretching is great for relieving tension brought on by stress (mostly tension found around your shoulders and neck), so spending 2-5 minutes each day can not only relieve your muscles, but help prevent headaches and create a clearer head space. By increasing your flexibility you will also improve circulation.

Go For A Walk

Whether you are stuck behind a desk for a job, or your inside with your little ones, a change of scenery to clear your head it always a great idea. If you can, on your lunch break or at the end of your day, take 10 minutes and go for a walk outside. Get your blood flowing and get yourself some fresh air.

Eat Well

When you are tired, stressed and rundown, you are more likely to reach for and crave high sugar foods to replenish your energy, so being prepared and making good food choice’ will have a big impact on you, both physically and mentally. Good nutrition also includes drinking plenty of water, so have a drink bottle on hand at all times and take a mental note to drink more.

This content is not intended to be used as individual health or fitness advice divorced from that imparted by medical, health or fitness professionals. Medical clearance should always be sought before commencing an exercise regime. The Institute and the authors do no take any responsibility for accident or injury caused as a result of this information.

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