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From Instagram Star to Qualified PT: Why @BagsAndBunnies Dasha Gaivoronski Decided to Become a Master Trainer

Nov 10, 2015 | by AIF

“Being a fitness blogger can feel like such a huge responsibility” admits recent Master Trainer graduate and fitness Instagram personality Dasha Gaivoronski from @bagsandbunnies, “people really trust in and listen to you, so I felt I needed some kind of educational background and experience behind me.”

In 2011 Dasha was part of the first group of Instagram users, posting about fashion with a small fan base. “As I changed so did my account” she says “I became obsessed with fitness and started sharing my fitness transformation and workouts.”

Dasha decided to overhaul her health after giving birth to her son, dedicating herself to getting happy and healthy. “I was totally unfit and unhappy with the way I looked and felt” Dasha says “and so I channelled that into things that would change my situation.”

279,000 Instagram followers and counting, Dasha is now a leading figure within a passionate community of health and fitness lovers. Earlier this year, she decided to enrol in the Master Trainer course at the Australian Institute of Fitness and qualify as a Personal Trainer. In a world where fitness bloggers are sometimes criticised for speaking without authority, Dasha believes firmly in combining her social media influence with proper education to inspire others.  

“I truly believe in what I do,” says Dasha “this industry is all about health and happiness and that’s what my Instagram celebrates!”

While studying Dasha continued honing her own workout techniques as well, using the Adelaide campus gym to film her weekly workout videos. For a taste of what she got up to, check out the workout below! 

Medicine Ball Slams x15

Resistance Band Upright Rows x15

Kettlebell Passes x15 

Since graduating, Dasha landed a job with her local Goodlife club after completing her Trainer Experience there. “I’m enjoying every aspect of life as a PT,” she reveals “I have finally found my passion and now I know what Confucius meant by saying ‘choose a job you like and you will never have to work a day in your life!'”

Images: @bagsandbunnies on Instagram. 



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