Planning & Preparing Group Training Concepts

Sep 26, 2014 | by AIF

We are now seeing the inclusion of many more strength and functional training components being brought into group training classes and individual sessions now being created to cater for these components of fitness, which is great.

People are turning to the concept of small group training for a variety of reasons, such as motivation from other group members, accessibility as these sessions tend to happen outside of the usual GEX timetable, the personalised approach, and because they want the challenge of trying something new.

There are many locations where small group training sessions can be conducted, from the GEX studio, to the weights zone, to the park.

Example Session Timetable

Here’s an example of what a weekly timetable would look like for a 4-week weight loss challenge. Repeating this for 4 weeks will keep consistency for development and results, whilst at the same time offering variation and a new challenge.

Note: When creating longer challenge schedules, such as for a 12-week challenge, look to include variation approximately every 3-4 weeks.

Planning and Preparation

When planning in advance, periodised programming can work extremely well. Look to plan your weekly challenges in advance. This is an essential part of your marketing component and can really prepare your business for success.

Set your schedules to include all components of training and intensity, and focus on training at that specific timeframe.

Avoid changing your sessions and delivery too frequently and definitely avoid arriving at your sessions underprepared. If your participants are aware of the schedule you have planned and they can see the program at a glance they will be aware of what to expect and this is also another positive form of open communication.

Create a preparation pack for your participants with all the necessary paperwork, timetable of training and sessions, and provide this to your participants when they enroll in the training or at their induction session.

Participants are more inclined to attend sessions and complete them if they are aware of the requirements and more importantly how they will help them achieve their goals efficiently.

Putting it into Practice

With applying simple but effective planning strategies and systems into your business, you will see your business grow and develop very quickly with group training. Your clients will be motivated and inspired to want to complete all training sessions due to a varied and challenging training regime.

As group training is a leading trend in the fitness industry due to its several benefits (including, accountability, increased enjoyment, motivated, meeting new people), it is no wonder more and more people are getting involved to help them achieve their health and fitness goals sooner.

If you are looking to follow your passion for fitness and teach teach group training sessions, the Master Trainer Program™ is the course for you. Another TIP: why not introduce yourself to the group fitness manager at your local gym, as they will be able to give you an idea about career opportunities and have you ready for the industry from the get go.



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