Jenna Douros Shares Her Campus Workout

Nov 02, 2015 | by AIF

Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer graduate, Gold’s Gym ambassador, Oxygen magazine cover girl winner, F45 female playoffs champion and star Personal Trainer; Jenna Douros is a force to be reckoned with. Passionate about consistent growth and new challenges, this year Jenna enrolled in the Nutrition Coach program at the Australian Institute of Fitness campus in Canberra.

While up-skilling, Jenna isn’t letting a moment on campus go to waste, using her lunch breaks to sneak in a quick workout in the gym and outdoor equipment. Check out what she got up to at her last face-to-face workshop! If you’re looking for a challenge for your next workout; look no further.

1. Burpee Pull-up into Hanging Leg Raise

  • Start by performing a full burpee
  • On the way up into a standing position, jump up to reach the bar above your head, pull (not jump) yourself up into a overhand grip pull up, lower under control. When you are back in the hang position keep both legs straight while raising them to the bar, lower under control and repeat the movement x10 reps

Jenna’s Tip: Exercise requires quite a lot of strength, so try to avoid letting your body drop on the negative parts of this exercise. To make it easier, skip the pull-up and start by practising burpees and adding a hanging leg raise.

2. Upside Down Crunches

  • Hook your legs onto a bar, hanging from your knees.
  • Lower your body with your arms at chest level.
  • Crunch up punching one arm upward towards the opposite knee, lower under control and repeat on other side x12 reps

Jenna’s Tip: Control is the key here. Try to avoid letting your body swing with the movement. Use your core to bring you up and keep your body steady throughout the entire motion. If you’re doing this for the first time, have someone there to spot you. To make it easier start off my performing upright hanging straight leg raises and work up to the progression.

3. Monkey Bar Jumps

  • Start by hanging from a bar, you can get some momentum going with your hips and swinging those legs.
  • Once you have enough drive buck your hips and hop your hands to the next bar, keep the rhythm going and continue to the next bar.

Jenna’s Tip: This is an advanced exercise so start by simply climbing across the monkey bars if you want to progress to jumps. Take great care performing this move, as it’s a very shoulder intensive exercise so keep a slight bend in the elbows to minimise the impact of the landing.



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