Aqua Instructor

Course Overview

Students get to learn about the various styles of aqua classes and workouts in shallow and deep water. They will also be taught the foundations of aqua instruction, including techniques for modifying exercise, to suit a wide range of fitness levels and capabilities, plus how to design and plan an effective class through exercise selection, music, equipment and teaching methodologies.

On a practical level students will develop skills for in and out of the pool environment, including demonstration techniques, vocal projection, verbal and non-verbal cueing, plus class organisation.

This course can be taken as a Certificate III in Fitness as an Aqua Instructor, added to the Master Trainer program as a specialisation, or taken as a standalone program for those who already have achieved a recognised fitness qualification.

Who Should Attend?
  • Those with an interest for training in water environment
  • Those with confidence in both shallow and deep water
  • Those with the desire to add variety and another income stream to their role as a Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor or Fitness Instructor
  • Those with a natural flair for energising and motivating others
  • Those with a talent and/or experience working with groups and helping others as participants often have special requirements
  • Those with a passion for music and movement
Why Should I Do The Course?

Aqua fitness is a small but significant component of the fitness industry, offering a training modality that is crucial for the health and fitness for some individuals, particularly those who are unable to train on land.

As a result, the demand for aqua instructors is high, while job prospects are considered to be positive.

Your Coaches

The Institute has been training aqua instructors for over 30 years. Our qualified team of Aqua Coaches is a select group of professionals that is passionate about aquatic exercise and between them they have many years of experience teaching a range of aqua classes.

Their objective is simple: to create a learning environment that not only energises and inspires you to be the best you can be, but also sets you up for success.

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Aqua Instructor

Course Information

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for the Aqua Instructor Certificate III in Fitness course, students must have an interest in fitness, have a computer and internet access, be over 16 years old and meet our acceptance criteria, which includes an eligibility interview and demonstrating satisfactory levels of language, literacy and numeracy.

Training and Assessment

Sessions are delivered over intensive three days, with a range of take-home assessment tasks to complete. The course culminates in a practical assessment that allows you to showcase your skills as a future Aqua Instructor.

  • Different styles of aqua classes
  • Mechanics of music for exercise in water
  • Exercise selection and instruction
  • Modifications for special populations
  • Safety in the water environment, and in groups
  • Teaching skills: voice projection and positioning
  • Methods of creating safe and effective sequences
  • Systemised instructional techniques
  • Designing and delivering an aqua class/workout
  • Motivation and group dynamics
  • Using equipment, such as noodles and dumbbells
  • How to acquire classes as a new instructor
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Career Opportunities

  • Aqua Instructor
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Group Fitness Instructor
John Noble

"We hold aqua classes for our older client base, and for these we’re looking for quality Aqua Instructors who are empathetic."

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