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  • How to Deal With Interruptions to Your Gym Routine

    July 5, 2015

    Tired of surprise work trips, holidays or illness holding back your gym results? Australian Institute of Fitness Victoria Master Coach, Brad Higgins, lays down what he has learnt about helping yourself and others stick a routine year round!

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  • What is Sports Massage?

    July 2, 2015

    Hearing the buzz about sports massage but not sure what it actually is? Australian Institute of Fitness NSW / ACT Master Coach Sheldon Caines explains exactly what the industry hot topic is and why it’s gaining popularity.

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  • BurnThis App Review

    June 23, 2015

    Hate that feeling when your fit-spired gym plans are soured by a stream of de-motivating Instagrams from your friend’s latest night out? BurnThis could be the app of your dreams!

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  • Clean Up Your Winter Comfort Foods

    June 22, 2015

    It’s getting darker, colder and you’ve had a hard day. Australian Institute of Fitness Nutrition Expert, Shivaun Conn, talks winter munchies and strategies to stay warm and healthy!

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  • Life as a Personal Trainer

    June 16, 2015

    Institute graduate and owner of Agoga and BUF Fitness, Libby Babet, gives us a sneak peak into her life as a Personal Trainer!

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