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Exercise Therapist

Only Australian Institute of Fitness can get you certified as an Institute Exercise Therapist.

It’s an innovative, highly researched and relevant course that will empower you to help make positive change to patients suffering from known and identified chronic conditions. The program requires specific prior experience and knowledge, so please call 1300 669 669 and speak with the Careers Team to see if you qualify.

As an Exercise Therapist you’ll be able to deliver exercise to people with chronic conditions in accordance with guidelines from those in the health and medical network, effectively taking referrals from Allied Health Professionals.

You will be opening up more opportunities, and could deliver exercise plans in a broad range of settings, including exercise therapy clinics, medical and rehabilitation clinics, hospitals, health care centres, corporate health, as well as in health clubs and gyms.

As an Exercise Therapist you’ll learn to:

About the program

The Institute’s Exercise Therapist program will suit you if you’re an established Personal Trainer or health professional who already has industry experience and who is looking to up-skill. Also, having a desire to work with people who have chronic conditions or lifestyle diseases is really important. You should want to make a difference, and be driven by a desire to help or improve the health of those around you.

There’s no doubt it requires dedication and maturity. You will be working alongside Allied Health Professionals as part of a treatment and recovery team, so it is an incredibly important role, but also a hugely rewarding career path as you will be helping fellow human beings to improve the quality of their life.

The program is delivered online, through eBooks and assessments, and there will be also be three compulsory face-to-face workshops, known as Exercise Therapy Clinics. You will have 18 months in which to complete the program, which will lead to the qualification, Diploma of Fitness (SIS50213).


The program has been developed by Australia’s leading team of academics (mainly PhDs) and highly qualified and respected health and fitness experts who have extensive knowledge and experience of the application of exercise to manage health conditions. The authors were handpicked, and come from places such as University of the Sunshine Coast, Bond University, and Southern Cross University.

It has been highly customised for the purposes of exercise therapy for a wide range of chronic conditions, and electives have been chosen for the specialty areas of disabilities, neurological impairment, children and older adults, as well as metabolic, cardio-respiratory and musculoskeletal conditions.

Units of Competency

Course: Diploma of Fitness

Code: SIS50213
Competency Code Competency Title Training Package


Apply advanced first aid Fitness
SISFFIT523A Deliver prescribed exercise to clients with cardiorespiratory conditions Fitness
SISFFIT524A Deliver prescribed exercise to clients with metabolic conditions Fitness
 SISFFIT525A Advise on injury prevention and management Fitness
SISFFIT526A Deliver prescribed exercise to clients with musculoskeletal conditions Fitness
SISFFIT527A Undertake health promotion activities to decrease risk factors and prevent chronic disease Fitness
SISFFIT528A Apply research findings to exercise management strategies Fitness
SISFFIT529A Deliver prescribed exercise to clients with a disability or neurological impairment Fitness
SISFFIT530A Deliver prescribed exercise to children and young adolescents with specific chronic conditions Fitness


Deliver prescribed exercise to older clients with chronic conditions Fitness
SISXCCS404A Address client needs Fitness
SISXIND405A Conduct projects Fitness
SISXIND406A Manage projects Fitness