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Personal Trainer Courses

As the most popular way to become a certified Personal Trainer, Australian Institute of Fitness's Master Trainer program is the most recognised and sought after accreditation in the industry.

With leading fitness experts providing crucial input into the course content, Master Trainer gives you the edge over traditional certificate in fitness courses. You will benefit from direct links to the Institute's Career Partners and industry bodies. The Master Trainer program has become the most successful training program in the history of the fitness industry, giving our graduates the edge in their personal training career.

Your comprehensive course covers certification and industry subjects – everything you’ll need to succeed in the industry. The course covers everything a Personal Trainer needs to start their career, including: the essentials of exercise science, the foundations of fitness conditioning, enhanced communication, five-star personal training, health and sport nutrition, and so much more. As a graduate of the Institute's Master Trainer program you will start your fitness career energised and empowered to excel.

The course comes with Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30313) and Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40210), and has an industry recognised set of Certification Criteria and Course Competencies.

You should also consider the Master Trainer Advantage – a combination of your fitness and massage certification; a complete fitness and wellbeing set of competencies, that gives you the Personal Trainer advantage. The Master Trainer Advantage combo also gives you more career options, allowing you to work in the resort, professional sports and leisure industries. The course combines Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30313) and Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40210), with Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice (HLT40312).


"I am currently doing my Master Trainer course with the Institute after loosing 30kgs and I'm loving everyday and learning so much! I would suggest anyone thinking about doing the course does it ... it's the best thing I've ever done!! :D" - Madeline Sedin

"Australian Institute of Fitness, I must admit that you have the most awesome lecturers ever. They have the most energetic, positive characteristics that I have never seen from any universities, institutions or schools." - Jason Le

"A big THANK YOU to everyone at the Australian Institute of Fitness, I received my Master Trainer in December last year and business is booming!! The content of what i learnt and the experience your trainers shared has really given me the head start I needed in this industry. You guys rock! :)" - Hailey Napper, I Can Health and Fitness

“Thanks to the Institute for getting me on the road to being a successful and happy PT :) I now run my own personal training business doing boot camps, one-on-one sessions, and suspension training. I love my job. I feel really happy knowing that I have found my true passion in personal training by EMPOWERING and INSPIRING people to be their VERY BEST!!!” - Simone Cotterill, Hard Core Fitness: The Total Transformation Trainers

”At the age of 46, married for 22 years, with two kids at 19 and 17 years of age, it's NEVER too late. Believe me!! I am not one to study!! Now... I am a Gym Instructor and a Personal Trainer. Life is just grand!!” - Lina Argentaro

Certification Criteria

As a Master Trainer, you will be expected to have met the following standards:

1. Presentation

An Institute Master Trainer dresses in uniform while on campus and during recorded AV sessions, always looks professional, fit and healthy, and complies with the Friends Commandments in the Student Handbook.

2. Punctuality

An Institute Master Trainer is punctual, present and submits tasks on time.

3. Attitude

An Institute Master Trainer is proactive and positive (a climber), supportive and encouraging of all people around them, and complies with the Friends Commandments in the Student Handbook.

4. Attendance

An Institute Master Trainer must attend any one of our conveniently located campus for an Intensive 2 Day Face to Face sessions of the Master Trainer program.

5. Performance

An Institute Master Trainer strives to do their best and performs personal training to a high standard by meeting the performance criteria in a final assessment based on communication, screening, exercise prescription and technical skills.

6. Experience

An Institute Master Trainer has a broad range of fitness experiences and satisfactorily completes the mandatory components of the Master Trainer Log Book.

* To be awarded the Institute Master Trainer Level 1 Certificate, you must be competent at Certificate III and IV in Fitness with the Institute, and satisfy all 6 requirements as defined above.

Units of Competency

Course: Certificate III in Fitness

Code: SIS30313
Competency Code Competency Title Training Package
Core (10 units of competency)
SISFFIT301A Provide fitness orientation and health screening Fitness
SISFFIT302A Provide quality service in the fitness industry Fitness
SISFFIT303A Develop and apply an awareness of specific populations to exercise delivery Fitness
SISFFIT305A Apply anatomy and physiology principles in a fitness context Fitness
SISFFIT306A Provide healthy eating information to clients in accordance with recommended guidelines Fitness
SISXFAC207 Maintain sport, fitness and recreation equipment for activities Fitness
SISXIND101A Work effectively in sport and recreation environments Fitness
SISXOHS101A Follow occupational health and safety policies Fitness
SISXRSK301A Undertake risk analysis of activities Fitness

Provide first aid

Electives - General (2 units of competency)
SISFFIT311A Deliver approved community fitness programs Fitness
SISFFIT313A Plan and deliver exercise to apparently healthy children and adolescents Fitness
Electives - Specialisation: Gym Instructor (3 units of competency)
SISFFIT304A Instruct and monitor fitness programs Fitness
SISFFIT307A Undertake client health assessment Fitness
SISFFIT308A Plan and deliver gym programs Fitness

Course: Certificate IV in Fitness 
              (Certificate III in Fitness plus the following competencies)

Code: SIS40210
Competency Code Competency Title Training Package
Core (10 units of competency)
BSBSMB401A Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business Fitness
BSBSMB403A Market the small business Fitness
BSBSMB404A Undertake small business planning Fitness
SISFFIT415A Work collaboratively with medical and allied health professionals Fitness
SISFFIT416A Apply motivational psychology to provide guidance on exercise behaviour and change to meet health and fitness goals Fitness
SISFFIT417A Undertake long-term exercise programming Fitness
SISFFIT418A Undertake appraisals of functional movement Fitness
SISFFIT419A Apply exercise science principles to planning exercise Fitness
SISFFIT420A Plan and deliver exercise programs to support desired body composition outcomes Fitness
SISFFIT421A Plan and deliver personal training Fitness
Electives (5 units of competency)
SISFFIT314A Plan and deliver exercise to older clients with managed conditions Fitness
SISSSTC301A Instruct strength and conditioning techniques Fitness
SISSST402A Develop strength and conditioning programs Fitness
SISSSCO307 Provide nutrition information to athletes Fitness
SISSSPT306A Deal with medical conditions in a sport setting Fitness

*In accordance with the packaging rules for the Certificate III in Fitness, we issue the UOC HLTFA301C. Further to this, because we deliver training and assessment at the HLTFA311A level as well, you will also receive a Statement of Attainment for this higher First Aid UOC, HLTFA311A.