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The great outdoors workout
March 9, 2011 | by

There's good news for boot camp attendees, with a review of previous studies concluding that exercising outside provides additional mental benefits. The Australian Institute of Fitness recommend that all students investigate boot camps in the local area. Whether you're doing just Certificate III in Fitness, or you're combining Certificate III in Fitness with Certificate IV in Fitness you'll touch on the benefits of outdoor training. Likewise whether you do their face to face course or you're getting qualified via their personal trainer course online, the course coaches will teach you about outdoor and boot camps

Researchers from the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry analysed data comparing the effects of exercising inside with the effects of the same activity in an outdoor setting.

The team reported an overall improvement in mental wellbeing among fresh air exercisers, compared to their indoor counterparts. Using the natural environment as a gym reportedly engendered feelings of increased energy and positive engagement, as well as decreased tension and negativity. Importantly, this greater enjoyment of the exercise setting also increased likelihood of participants repeating the experience the personal trainer's client retention dream!

Dr Jo Thompson-Coon, Research Fellow with the Peninsula CLAHRC, said, By using the data currently available to us we have added strength to the link between mental and physical well-being and outdoor exercise'.

Source: Environmental Science and Technology


Daniel is the Master Coach for The Australian Institute of Fitness, QLD

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