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How To Become A World Class Personal Trainer

Jun 26, 2014 | by AIF

Are you passionate about health and fitness? Whether you’re just entering the workforce or you’re looking for a career change, becoming a Personal Trainer is a huge step towards a rewarding and fulfilling career choice. Being a personal trainer is more than just teaching people a few exercises. There are a number of different aspects that make a great personal trainer, and there are a few steps to take to get there. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a personal trainer, there are a number of things you need to consider to get started.

Getting the right qualifications

To become a personal trainer, you will need to ensure that you are suitably qualified before you go ahead and start securing clients. One of the best ways to get qualified is to study with a reputable educational provider. If you study at the Australian Institute of Fitness, you’ll be able to learn all the skills required to help people with their fitness, weight loss, strength training, and endurance, and much more as you become qualified as a Personal Trainer. Depending on the needs of your client, you will be able to advise of the best exercises your client needs in order for them to reach their personal goals. As well as learning about physical activity, through your studies, you’ll also learn valuable information about nutrition. It’s no good training someone three times a week if they spend the time away from you eating junk food. Depending on your client’s goals and needs, they will need to be consuming particular nutrients with their exercise regime. You need to have a good knowledge of nutrition, so you are able to advise them on what they should be eating, for the training they are doing and for the results they want to achieve. Becoming fit and healthy requires an all-round approach, which includes both physical exercise and the food one will intake.

Feeling confident with running a business

Being a good PT is not just about physical ability, it’s about having a good knowledge of all the things involved in fitness and weight loss, as well as great communication and business skills. You can gain employment through different facilities such as a gym or fitness centre, but you do also have the option to run your own business if you feel that suits you better. If you decide to become a Personal Trainer and work for yourself, it’s also important to have a solid understanding of marketing skills and basic business principles, to ensure you can run your own personal training business successfully. That way, you can ensure you gain enough clients to run your business and become a success.

Knowing how to treat minor injuries

It’s also important to know a little about treating injuries, which is where Australian Institute of Fitness can again add to your education with a massage course. Of course, we don’t want our clients to become injured, but if this does occur, as a Personal Trainer you need to know and understand the best ways to help your client recover. This will not only add to your skill set, it will help you offer more services to your clients. Clients will have more confidence in choosing you as their Personal Trainer if you can show them that you can help them with all of their health and fitness needs, without them needing to seek the services of another business (such as a massage therapist). By having these skills, you can provide a full range of benefits to your potential clients, which will in turn make you a favourable personal trainer to choose from, as opposed to your local competitors.

Marketing your business effectively

When you’re looking at improving the scale of your business, the best way to build your client base is word of mouth. The more you offer, the more people have to talk to their friends about. This is where some clever marketing can come into play by offering bonuses to your current clients when they refer a friend. By increasing your brand awareness through positive word of mouth, this will be one of the most easiest (and cheapest) methods to becoming a successful personal trainer brand and business. This is why a lot of businesses utilise refer a friend promotions, which helps to benefit both your current clientele and new clients who get to learn more about your service, meaning both you and your business can grow and improve. There are also a number of other methods you can utilise to boost your marketing such as website development, social media marketing and other more traditional methods such as flyers, newsletters and print advertising in local publications.

Building a thriving personal training business

If you love health and fitness and want to help others become fit and healthy too, becoming a personal trainer may be a highly rewarding career choice for you. By getting qualified you will have the tools and skills you need to provide a full range of services such as exercise and fitness, nutritional advice and massage therapy. From here, you will be able to become a successful personal trainer, and run your own business!



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