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Upgrade your Fitness Business with this Social Content Calendar

Apr 07, 2022 | by AIF

If starting your own business in the health and fitness industry is something you are striving for, whether it be as a Personal Trainer, a  Massage Therapist or Nutrition Coach; the key to your success online is all about your content.

One main reason that businesses struggle to grow their following and keep their audience engaged is the lack of consistency with their posts. If you’re only posting when it suits and sharing whatever piece of content you can whip up or find in the moment; you’re not going to achieve your desired outcome.

A content calendar is a sure-fire way to improve your business’ online presence and lead to an increase in clients; let us show you how.

Your content may come in many different forms:

  • Blog posts
  • Email Marketing
  • Infographics
  • Recipes
  • Social Media Images
  • E-Books
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Quotes
  • Workout Guides

And can be delivered via a multitude of platforms:

  • Your blog
  • Your Website
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Emails
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat

Achieving consistency with quality content is among the top social media hacks for growing a fitness business. You may have top-notch content, but without a consistent posting schedule, you won’t get far in terms of building brand awareness and nurturing your audiences through social media.

The aim is to get on your potential client’s radar and stay there; so when they are seeking out what you offer, your name or business is fresh in their mind. ‘How do you do this’ you ask? Well, that is where your Social content calendar comes in.

What is a content calendar?

A content calendar is like any regular planner or calendar, used specifically for the purpose of planning your social media content. For some, this may look like an excel spreadsheet, a desk planner, a print-out or a scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Later, which post the content for you automatically.

Why you should have a content calendar

Your content calendar is the crux of your entire content strategy. Through an organised content planning process, you leave no room for forgetfulness, sub-par content or neglect of a certain social platform.

You can pencil in special holidays and events like Easter, school holidays, and Christmas or fun days like ‘National Hummus Day’ or ‘International Day of Yoga’ and leverage these as opportunities to share content that is relevant and engaging.

Through preparation, you will be able to create content of higher quality, save time by being organised, maintain a professional online presence and post consistently to stay at the forefront of your followers’ minds; dramatically increasing your chances of conversion into clients.

How to create a content calendar

1. Audit your current social platforms and content.

2. Decide which platforms you want to focus on – if you are active on multiple social platforms, it may work best for you to have a separate calendar for each one.

3. Write a list of the kind of content you want to share – try to create unique content to suit each social platform.

4. Populate your choice of calendar with post reminders (Here is one we prepared for you earlier!). 

5. Set aside non-negotiable time each week to content plan for the week ahead so you are always prepared.

6. Review your content every few days to ensure it is still relevant. Recent events or sudden changes in the environment can render your content as insensitive or unrelatable (for example, posting gym routines during COVID-19 Government restrictions) so it is crucial that you are consistently monitoring this.

Check out this example of a content calendar for a PT business on Instagram:

“If you fail to plan you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin

Now that you know everything there is to know about content calendars and content planning, get started on yours! You can use our template or get creative with a tool like Canva and design your own.

Commit to your content calendar and you will see the difference it will make. Reduced stress, consistent posts, better post quality, higher engagement, more followers, more chances to convert followers to clients and more time up your sleeve are just some of the benefits of this type of planning.

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