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Oliver Kitchingman | Apr 05, 2021
Refocusing to lead the fitness industry into the future, with Steve Pettit
Steve Pettit chats with The Fitness Industry Podcast’s Oliver Kitchingman about brand refreshes, the surge in demand for personal training, …
Oliver Kitchingman | Mar 01, 2021
How corrective exercise can help PTs grow business and revenue, with Justin Price
Justin Price is the creator of The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification, the fitness industry’s highest rated specialty certification …
Oliver Kitchingman | Oct 18, 2020
Coaching with care, connection and inclusion, with Ian O’Dwyer
an O’Dwyer, known simply as ‘OD’ in the industry, is a movement practitioner and educator who aspires to lead and …
Oliver Kitchingman | Oct 10, 2020
Give your business the cultural advantage, with Kristen Green
Acclaimed facility manager and industry leader Kristen Green is the first Australian to receive the coveted IHRSA Women’s Leader Award. …
Oliver Kitchingman | Sep 20, 2020
The obstacle course of an incredible life in fitness, with Sara Kooperman
Visionary fitness educator Sara Kooperman has greatly impacted countless fitness careers. Here, she chats with The Fitness Industry Podcast’s Katrina …
Oliver Kitchingman | Aug 28, 2020
Real ‘Happy meals’ for brighter brains, with Kristen Beck
Nutritionist and exercise scientist Kristen Beck has over 20 years’ experience in the nutrition, supplement and fitness industries. Here, she …
Oliver Kitchingman | Jul 30, 2020
Periodised programming for everyday clients, with Brodie Hicks
Strength and conditioning coach Brodie Hicks has a wealth of experience in using periodised programming for the general population as …
Oliver Kitchingman | Jul 19, 2020
Respect the nerves, with Merrin Martin
Physiotherapist Merrin Martin has been helping clients to rehabilitate fitness, sport and dance-related injuries for two decades. In this chat …

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