AIF In The Media

Oliver Kitchingman | Jul 05, 2020
Pilates exercises can enhance every PT’s strength training, with Stephanie Glickman
Stephanie Glickman is a Pilates instructor trainer whose own studio combines clinical Pilates, group reformer, mat classes and strength training. …
Oliver Kitchingman | Jun 14, 2020
The beauty of striving for perfect technique, with Hays Daewoud
Martial arts coach and educator Hays Daewoud trained fighters to win international titles before switching his focus to boxing-for-fitness. Here, …
Oliver Kitchingman | Jun 08, 2020
Stimulate the senses to enhance balance, mobility and strength, with Dr Emily Splichal & Gee Tual
Functional podiatrist and human movement specialist Dr Emily Splichal and Animal Flow Master Trainer Guillaume Tual talk about the similarities …
Oliver Kitchingman | May 24, 2020
Fasting, food choices and future health directions, with Professor Grant Schofield
A Professor of Public Health, Grant Schofield is well-known for his work around low carb and ketogenic eating. Here, he …
Oliver Kitchingman | May 10, 2020
Match your client’s training to their genes, with Kyle Riley
Health coach and epigenetics educator Kyle Riley advocates for PTs delivering holistic and highly personalised experiences. Here, he chats with …
Oliver Kitchingman | Apr 26, 2020
Motion, emotion and nerve stimulation, with Dr Emily Splichal
Functional podiatrist and human movement specialist, Dr Emily Splichal has spent her career studying barefoot science and foot-to-core integration. Here, …
Oliver Kitchingman | Apr 12, 2020
Strengthen willpower with consistency over intensity, with Dr Morwenna Kirwan
Exercise scientist Dr Morwenna Kirwan is passionate about helping people live healthier lives through motivation and behavioural health psychology. Here, …
Oliver Kitchingman | Mar 30, 2020
Turning 50% of members into PT clients, with Mark Capelin
Mark Capelin runs a highly successful club in which more than half of the 800 members also participate in personal …

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